About Us


 Our Story

  Shear Magick has been in the professional cosmetology and hair industry since 2003 (over 16 years,) and was passed down from Kirsten’s mothers love of doing hair for over 68 years. Combined with Kirsten’s love of hair, learning, and helping others for over 32 years. That’s over 100 years combined! It’s in our blood and we love what we do. Kirsten Nelson, owner and founder of Shear Magick, has worked in every part of the hair industry.  Which includes film (movies,) music videos, short films, magazines, dance choreography, hair & makeup, run-way shows, acting, modeling, singer/songwriters, dancers, commercials, events, performances, and Comicon/Fitcon/Fancon conventions to name a few.  All of these professional areas that Kirsten has shared her talents with include some very well known high end clients. When they need the very best in hair, professionalism, and need to turn to someone they know they can trust, they turn to Shear Magick. Our goal is that you love your hair and we reach our goals!  It's not about what's right and what's wrong in this industry, it's about what works and what doesn't work and we stand by our work. We are each so individual and unique.  We work with your face shape and  skin tone to make you look the very best in what compliments YOU most!  We simply enhance your beauty you naturally already have.  We sincerely love and appreciate all of our clients!  A HUGE sincere thank you for trusting us, letting us work with you, and pamper you!  We love watching our clients faces transform when they see their enhanced beauty. It truly fulfills our lives. There’s no other industry we rather be in!  We know the ins and out of the hair industry and have dug very deep for decades only to find the very best quality hair in the industry hands down!  Nothing can compete. We each all have our very own unique look and personality. As you may have figured out, so does our hair.  Whatever color, length, texture, thickness, or porosity of hair you have or need, we have got you covered.  Whatever installation method you prefer, we offer.  Even if you don’t have much hair we can help you cover that too! We all are quality as individuals and we all deserve the very best quality of hair too.  Don’t short yourself!  We are here for you and here to answer each and every question or concern you may have.  Don’t hesitate to call, text, email, or stop by.  We will teach you everything you may want or need to know.  We love educating our clients so you can keep you hair in the best condition as possible.  We don’t discriminate, all are more than welcome here.  We are highly trained in every aspect.  We can’t wait to meet you, do business, and build an amazing professional relationship with you!